In 1989, Arcadia was founded for one big reason and we continue until now for the same passion -

Arcadia Music Management Limited was founded in 1989 by Sir David K. Lee, in New York. In the year 2000, Arcadia was headquartered in Seoul. In 2003, Ms. Christina Ting Ma set up Arcadia China Representative Office in Beijing. In 2008, Arcadia Music Management Limited Greater China Office was registered in HK. Since then, Ms. Ma has led the company to a reputable major agency in Asia territory.

Since 1991, Arcadia began to produce and release recordings with its own label “ARCADIA”. From then on, Arcadia has released over 100 recordings, including many new repertoire in the field of classical music, for lots of famous artists such as I Musici, New York Harlem Singers, pianist Xiangdong Kong and cellist Leslie Parnas and etc.

Arcadia represents mainly in Asia territory numerous world-class artists and groups, including the distinguished classical musicians and groups such as violinist Kyung Wha Chung, pianist Stephen Kovacevich,  pianist Nikolai Demidenko, soprano Hui He, I Musici, Accademia Bizantina, Philharmonic String Quintet Berlin, The Romeros Guitar Quartet, The Little Singers of Paris, Lumina Coeli (Girls Choir of France), The Sixteen, VOCES8 and etc., also represents world popular non-classical/crossover groups, to name a few: Secret Garden, The Real Group, b vocal, Tiempo Libre, Magic Circle Mime Company and etc.

After decades of dedication to performing arts, our activities has reached entire Asian-Pacific region including China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, S.Korea, Singapore and Australia. Arcadia maintains regular cooperation with the main venues, major orchestras and festivals in these region.

Focusing on performing arts especially classical music for nearly 20 years, as one of the first generation of asian managers, Ms. Ma has developed rich interest in vast genres of performing arts and is willing to explore more diversified directions, together with her wonderful colleagues, into non-classical area of new age, jazz, world music, into theatre and dance, and into crossover projects. We will keep our efforts and bring more brilliant performances to our audiences in Asia.